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DIY Boot Shapers

DIY Boot Shapers - best way to store boots while providing ventilation and support. Find more DIY projects and solutions from Quick.tips

Very inexpensive and oh so easy to work with, Foam Pipe Covers can be used in a variety of ways around the home, but one of my favorite uses is for these DIY Boot Shapers.

These dark gray foam Pipe Covers (which are usually used for insulating water pipe lines) can be purchased at any Hardware Store and even through Amazon in single packs. They are usually sold 4 to a pack in 36″ lengths and can be found with or without adhesive closure for the split opening.

For this project I would actually recommend the foam without the self-sealing tape if it is available.

Directions for the DIY Boot Shapers:

Depending on the height of the boots, you should only need one foam tube per boot, so one package of 4 will be enough for two pairs of boots. For short ankle boots, you can cut one foam tube in half for an 18″ section.

When storing boots for the season or to just keep your boots in tip-top shape, gently fold the foam tube (whatever size you use) in half and place inside the boot with the curved center at the opening of the boot.

What is great about using this method of storing your boots is that the slight pressure from the folded foam tube will keep the top of the boots open while keeping them upright as well. A Boot Tree and Boot Shaper all in one. Keeping your boots in shape along with ventilation – the best solution to keep your boots looking their best!

Added Bonus: Foam Pipe Insulator Tubes weigh virtually nothing so they are perfect for keeping your favorite boots in shape while traveling.

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