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Clever Uses for Foam Pipe Insulation

I’ll bet many of you have never even heard of foam pipe insulation tubes. In sunny Orlando FL we certainly don’t have a use for them – no freezing pipes here.

Strolling through the local hardware store, on a mission to find interesting, every-day products to make my life simpler, I spied these inexpensive, flexible tubes. Since that first encounter, I’ve come up with a handful of my own creative uses for foam pipe insulation tubes and found a few other interesting ideas lurking on-line as well.

Similar to the foam noodles, (aka pool noodles) foam pipe insulation is just as easy to work with and can be used for many of the same DIY projects. The advantage of the insulation tubes is that they aren’t quite as bulky. The disadvantage of pipe insulation is that they are not as stiff and sturdy as foam noodles.

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