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Easy Ribbon Organizer

I love to keep supplies on hand for wrapping up a pretty package – I despise having my colorful ribbons tangled into a big knot. This super quick, easy ribbon organizer can be put together in minutes from a recycled plastic container. The biggest challenge will be untangling your ribbon, but once you do if will make wrapping a present so much easier in the future!

Supplies needed for the Ribbon Organizer:

  • Hole punch
  • Clear plastic container

Directions for the Ribbon Organizer:

Start out with a small plastic container that you get for free when you purchase sliced lunch meat – my preference is the type that has a clear container and clear lid (that way I can see what’s inside without opening the lid.)

  • Wash the container and let it dry completely.
  • The size of the ribbon roll will determine how many will fit into the container. In this example, 5 ribbon rolls fit into the lunch meat container.
  • With a hand-held hole punch, punch the holes into the flattest part of the lid that you can reach with the hole punch. This does take a little maneuvering, since you will need to work the hole punch over the lip of the lid.
  • Gather up your tangled ribbon, re-roll or snip off the straggly ends so that they area nice and neat.
  • Stack the ribbon into the container and thread the end of each ribbon through one of the holes.
  • Snap the lid in place and you’ve now got organized, tangle-free ribbon to put back into your gift-wrapping station.
Now that your ribbon is neatly organized in the container you will be able to see what colors you have available and easily pull the ribbon out through the top.
Extra: This is a handy way to use several colors of ribbon at the same time for wrapping a present.

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